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2018 sign-ups are OPEN!


hey everyone! 😀



anyone who wants to participate, please feel free to head there. it’s open from today july 20th to july 27th so you have an entire week to sign up. 🙂

now, how it works:

  • after you sign up, you will receive an e-mail your assignment. as in, you won’t know you’re creating from, you will just get the prompts. if you need to ask your recipient any question hand them over to me and I’ll make sure they get it and give you back the answer. after then, you will have to choose one prompt to fill and you will have about one month and a half to do it. to fulfill your assignment you need to do one gift only, then if you want to fill more prompts or merge them it’s fine but that’s entirely optional.
  • since from what I gather there’s an even number of fanfic writers/fanartists and someone would do fanvids and someone else fanmixes, in order to try to make everyone happy you will have to write at least one thing you can do in the sign-up form (as in, I can write fanfic/I can do fanart, if you can do both and don’t mind just list both) and then list three you might like to receive. as in, I can only write fanfic and I’d like to receive either a fanfic, a fanart or a fanvid. at that point I will need three prompts for each.

Example just to be extra clear (the form has of course have preferences for ships and so on, this is just for the prompts formatting; you can choose any ship or relationship as long as theon’s a part of it).

username name: janiedean (tumblr)/janie-tangerine on ao3
what I can do: fanfic, fanmixes
what I would love to receive: fanfic, fanart, fanvideo

  • three fanfic prompts: 1) classic bodyswap canon au where theon and robb switch bodies at any point before the red wedding, 2) theon becomes stannis’ hostage rather than ned’s: how does it go, 3) show canon fix it fic where his relationship with sansa is written believably.
  • three fanart prompts: 1) theon and asha ten years after the long night is over, 2) theon/robb cosplaying as han solo and leia from star wars, your choice re who is han solo and who’s leia, 3) jon + robb/theon star wars au with the three of them as rey, poe and finn respectively
  • three fanvid prompts: 1) theon gen video set to warren zevon’s accidentally like a martyr, 2) happy-ish au theon/robb video with a song of your choice, 3) sad af canon theon/robb video set to the horrible crowes’ black betty and the moon.

this is so that I can match everyone up to their best capacities and I don’t end up giving all fanart to fanartists, the videos to the vidders and the fanfic to the writers and so on. (if you want a fanmix I guess the prompt could be something like ‘hey can I have a theon country fanmix’ or something like that XD). also, I will post a more thorough rules post later, but just in case:

  • anyone can participate. I don’t care if you’ve been in the fandom for ten years or if you just arrived and you still haven’t interacted with anyone else or posted any content. you can participate whoever the hell you are, as long as you want to play then who am I to say no.
  • you don’t need to have a tumblr. anon submitting/asking is allowed, so if you aren’t on tumblr we can work out the details later – as long as you give me an email you’re good. if you’re on another site ie ao3/lj/dw just post your gift there and we’ll link it through submission, if you don’t have either but want to participate we can work anything out as long as I have an email.

also, last thing: PLEASE FILL ALL THE BOXES FOR A) THE THREE TYPES OF FANWORK YOU WANNA RECEIVE, B) THE THREE PROMPTS FOR EVERY TYPE. guys I mean it more than one person last year put ‘idk’ instead of the three prompts or the types and I cannot match people properly if you give me just one. like, really, please make my life easy XD

… that’s it, you can go ahead 😉



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Star Wars AU: Theon Greyjoy as space pirate and Sansa Stark as bamf princess

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Well, somebody has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly-boy!”

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— Franz Kafka

Happy belated birthday @alittlestardustcaught 



softfawnbabe: He carry!


He carry!

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a peaceful theonsa at the request of my sister!

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A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) – Theon Greyjoy





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