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h-o-l-l-y-w-o-o-d–w-h-o-r-e: James March. (Ev…


James March. (Evan Peters).

h-o-l-l-y-w-o-o-d–w-h-o-r-e: American Horror …


American Horror Story: Hotel.



Family Reunion

James March x his Vampire!Wife

(Her vampirism doesn’t really matter thou)

The day was today. Oh, how long has he waited for this moment to come. Technically, it’s been month or so, but if felt like the whole eternity.

Ms. Evers couldn’t bare to see James so out of place. He was trying to hide his feelings, sure, but nothing could be hidden from Ms. Evers; she knew him to well not to notice his sufferings.

“Don’t you worry no more, Mr. March,” she said, taking off the sheets from the bed, “just a few hours left for you to wait, it’s nothing.”

“I’m not worried,” said James, nervously fixing his hair in the mirror, “would you prepare everything for tonight?”

“Of course, Mr. March. Exactly how you ordered.”


Most of the hotel’s lodgers gathered at the bar, in temptation of the upcoming moment.

“It should be any minute now,” said Iris, smiling agitatedly.

“Oh, it’s been forever!” Agreed Liz.

“You think she’ll bring us gifts?” Asked Sally, lightning a cigarette.

“She’s been on a business trip, not vacation,” argued Iris.

“A very important business trip too,” James appeared in the main hall and made his way to the bar. “It is for the wealth of our hotel and ourselves.”

“Mr. March! You look fantastic,” exclaimed Ms. Evers.

“Thank you, Ms. Evers,” he bowed his head a little. He first wanted to stay here and drink some Armagnac to calm his nerves, but the temptation and excitement he had wouldn’t let him sit still. He fixed his jacket and turned on his heels.

“I shall go and check if everything is in order,” he said as he excused himself.

“This is the fourth time,” sighed Ms. Evers.

“Fifth,” Liz corrected her, “but you can’t blame the man. He is agitated. We all are.”

But just as James was about to walk up the stairs, he heard a sweet, tender voice; voice that made him freeze and let a shaky breath, voice that he craved so badly past these thirty days.


He closed his eyes as a familiar scent touched his nose.

There she stood: smiling, looking perfect as always. Black lace of her dress caressing her skin, jewelry shining on her chest, eyes bright with happiness.

“You wouldn’t leave without greeting your wife, would you?” She places her bag on the floor and made a step forward, smiling widely.

“My dearest,” James turned towards her. He took one second to examine her features before erasing the distance between them and luring her into a tight embrace. She let a small chuckle and wrapped her hands around him, burring her face in his neck.

“I missed you so bad, love,” she whispered, showering his neck and cheek with kisses.

“My precious,” James took her face in his hands, “this place is nothing without you. So as I.”

“Oh, Jim,” she brought her face to his, almost touching his lips with hers, “I’m sorry it took me so long. Those lousy businessmen wouldn’t let me seal the deal. But, “she pecked his lips, “it turned out great. We are doing swell.”

She then pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss, full of desire and longing.

“Mrs. March, we are so glad to have you back!” Said Ms. Evers.

“I am glad to be back. And even gladder to see all your lovely faces.”

She hugged every one of them, kissing cheeks with Liz in the end.

“Dinner tonight!” She exclaimed, holding James by the hand, “we are celebrating the joyful reunion of our lovely family.”



Telling them you broke up with your boyfriend – AHS Evan Peters characters HC

How the Evans’ would react to you breaking up with your boyfriend. (Featuring Tate, Kit, Kyle, Jimmy and James)


Post-death Tate.

It would be hard for him to conceal his delight. He would be by your side instantly, comforting you. Depite the happiness he felt about you and him breaking up, he hated seeing you sad. It made him angry that someone had hurt you. Trying to convince you to stay home for a while. Not that you needed much convincing. Tate is such a comfort to have around. You two would listen to CDs for ages and lay in bed together, making you forget all your troubles. All the while working himself up to asking you out himself.


Kit would feel bad for you. He would listen for hours when you raved on about your boyfriend and he knew the two of you had been close. His first priority is you. Wouldn’t hesitate to throw a couple punches if he thought the guy deserved it. On his day off work he would drive you out in his truck to a lake outside of town for a picnic. Such a wholesome boy. Holds your hand whenever you start getting teary or upset. Would not be opposed to a little making out if you were up for it.

Pre-death Kyle.

He would be sensitive. He knows the ending of relationships can be devestating and would invite you to a night in with bad movies and popcorn. He wouldn’t be that guy though. Kyle would make it very clear that he wanted to be more than just friends, not wanting to take advantage of the ‘shoulder to cry on’ role. Would be understanding if you weren’t quite ready to get into another relationship. 100% cancel plans if he thought you needed his company. Kyle is such a sweetie.


His first instinct is to check that you are alright. Looking you over for bruises or marks that might indicate an altercation. If he found so much as a scratch, his temper would flare up. Would beat the living daylights out of the guy if he thought it would make you feel better. “Never thought he was good enough for you, sweetheart”. He wouldn’t even dream of asking you out himself. One look at his hands would catch the words in his throat. If you did show interest in him, he would be a stuttering mess and try to play it off as a joke. “There ain’t a man alive who deserves you, doll”.


Let’s be real, James would not even pretend to be sorry. “Splendid”, the world rolling off his tongue. He would tap his cane on the ground in celebration. Definitely offer to gift him a night at the hotel, but wouldn’t push the matter if you declined. He is just glad it’s over with. He wouldn’t wait to turn on the charm. Inviting you to dinner to celebrate the occasion. That shit-eating grin on his face.

James March Imagine; Tell Me


Imagine being a serial killer and your lover, James, always being curious about who’s blood you’ve mostly recently spilled.

You sighed in content as you washed your hands in the bathroom of your hotel room. The red water slunk down the drain and into the pipes as you turned off the tap, drying your hands on the ‘JPM’ monogrammed towels. You looked in the mirror, adjusting your outfit and fixing your hair. You smiled, excited for dinner with your husband tonight. You walked out of the bathroom and rounded the corner to where the table was. James grinned when he saw you. “Dearest, please, sit down. We have much to discuss I presume?” He walked close to you and gently grabbed your chin, placing a single kiss on your cheek.
“You presume correctly James.” You blushed ever so faintly when his lips hit your skin.
He pulled out your chair and you sat down before he returned to his place across the table. He straightened his suit coat and folded his hands on the table. “How is the outside world, darling? Tell me about one of your recent kills.” His dark brown eyes glistened with curiosity.
You set one hand in your lap while sipping your wine with the other. “Well, today I killed a man by the name of Corey Havaford.” You said plainly. “He was a wife beater, awful man in general actually.” You set down your glass. “I took him to my shed and slit his throat, a method I thought today approve of.”
James’s smile only grew with each word you spoke. “That sounds exhilarating. A classic slicing of the neck is always appreciated by me, my dear. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, and that this world is rid of an animalistic excuse for a man.” He raised his glass to you before taking a sip.



Requested by wholockedcumberwumber: Reader is Tistan Duffy’s twin sister who goes to the hotel cortez looking for him and ends up seduced by James patrick march

Pairing: James Patrick March x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: American Horror Story

Your brother disappeared off the face of the earth a couple days ago. Jesus why did he always have to get himself into trouble? You found yourself cleaning up Tristan’s messes quite often because some of his decisions weren’t the best. Don’t miss understand you loved your brother but you wished he’d care more about himself and consider the consequences of his actions.

You walked into The Hotel Cortez. You heard of this place before but you never even stepped foot in here. It just gave you the creeps but Tristan was doing a modelling job here so this was the only place you could think of to look for him.

You approached the woman at the front desk figuring if Tristan checked in she’d know.
“Has a man named Tristan Duffy checked in?” You asked.

The woman looked up for her magazine and lazily licked her finger and turned the page.
“I don’t think so”.

“Are you sure? He’s model and has a red streak in his hair”.

“I’m pretty sure sweetheart” the woman said.

Pretty sure? It seemed like this woman just didn’t care. She wouldn’t even look up from what she was reading to face you.

“Could you er check?” You said eyeing the book sitting on the desk.

The woman sighed “I suppose but how about you go have a drink while I do that” she suggested.

You wanted to insist on staying here, how long could it possibly take? Yet you were exhausted and if this woman was going to continue to give you a hard time perhaps a drink would help.

You walked up to the bar and rubbed your face as you sat down in a seat. You hadn’t even attempted to request a drink when I man sat next to you.

“Tired darling?”.

You looked up at this man and took in his appearance. He looked as if he had just jumped out a movie set in the 1930s but he was strangely dashing and handsome. He had black hair and he wore a small moustache over his lips.

You chuckled softly, running a hand through your hair “unfortunately yes. I can’t help but feel underdressed” you said eyeing the man’s extraordinary fashion choice. Not that he looked bad like you mentioned before he was quite dashing but it was still unusual.
“You’re dressing rather fancy this evening. Is there a party that I should know about?” You joked.

“A gentleman always dresses nicely for a beautiful woman” he said kissing your hand. His soft lips sent a chill through you as they made contact with your smooth skin. What a charmer.
“Please allow me to buy you a drink”.

How could you say no to a free drink honestly? You allowed the man to order a drink for the two of you. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. There was something about him, he made you curious.

“You’re buying me a drink and I don’t even know your name” you laughed.

“James Patrick March my dear” he said introduced himself, kissing your hand yet again “and what might your name be?”.

“[Y/N]” you said dreamily. James smirked, a gleam forming in his eyes. He knew you were melting right in front of him. Everything about him made you interested. You wished you had dressed in something a little more classy than a rain coat. Speaking of that what made such a man as James become interested in you? What drew him toward you of all people?

“What brings you to The Hotel Cortez dear?” He asked once your drinks arrived and he took a sip.

“I’m looking for someone” you informed.

James suddenly frowned, placing his drink on the bar counter. You suddenly became scared that you had upset him.
“I hope you are not looking for a lover or perhaps your husband” he said in a low voice.

Oh no of course not. I’m actually looking for my brother Tristan".

“Ahhhh Tristan” James said smiling “he is your brother?”.

“Yes” you nodded excitedly “do you know him? Is he alright?”.

“Oh he is quite alright I assure you dear”.
You let out a sigh of relief. Thank god.
“Well now that you know that he is alright perhaps you’d like me to show you around the hotel” James suggested raising an eyebrow, a sly smile appearing on his face “maybe even my room?”.

You smiled. It was impossible for you to refuse. You allowed James to take your hand and lead you to the elevator without even considering any possible consequences. Tristan was starting to rub off on you.