you know what? we, editors and gif makers, are the essence of tumblr, each one of us, great and not great editors, we bring edits and gifs on this f*@#ing place and they get reblogged because that’s all you can find on tumblr, it’s how this social network works and yes we may get HQ/HD stuff from galleries or places on the internet to make beautiful edits and gifsets for the sake of doing it, we don’t sell this material and we don’t gain moneys for doing that. We only loose our time to follow a passion, a hobby. Or, it’s not lost time IF tumblr doesn’t f*ck up a whole blog. Now, it’s okay there are copyright laws gngngn, but for the love of god just don’t delete a whole fu**ing blog, some of us are here since YEARS and have made tons of creations, we are kinda attached to them and also maybe they got a lot of notes. It’s okay, I get it, if tumblr gets warnings they delete the original post and send a strike, but why only three strikes? why, tbh? while there are insane blogs out there posting all the sh*t that exists like ped*phile stuff and hateful things, but yeah we are the ones that get their blogs completely wiped out because we edited some stuff. GOSH. IT makes me wanna SCREAM. And lol tumblr is so stupid because YEAH reblogs can stay. idk how it works but okaaaaY next time I’m going to post an edit, reblog it elsewhere then delete the original post LMAO you tumblr fools. Our edits and gifs don’t hurt anyone. While some hate-FULL blogs DO. Tumblr, wipe them out and just let us alive and just delete the copyright infringing reported post, is that too much?