Filled with Poison ~Imagine/Oneshot~


James March x Reader

Warning: Smut, Dubious consent, Domestic abuse, Violence, Caning, Spanking, Rough sex, Angry sex, BDSM elements, Possessiveness, Jealousy, Degradation, Hair pulling, Choking, Angst, Heavy intoxication, (Probable) OOC character

Requested by Anonymous: “anything with james related to ultraviolence, pretty please? 😍😍♥️” + “Thank you so much! I was wondering if you could do a James Patrick March x reader one-shot. Where James get jealous because the reader flirts with Ramirez and John Lowe during Devil’s Night leading to angry, jealous sex. With some spanking kink with that cane of his, if that’s okay :)”

A/N: I hope these two were okay to combine! I’m really just trying to get through my older requests as quickly as I can because I’m sure the users who requested them are tired of waiting for me to get my ass into gear, and I thought that there might be a way to combine these. Also, I am so sorry for how fucked up this is? Like… I know, and I’m so sorry! But I hope you can still enjoy? x

So much fucking credit goes to @ahswitchy for not only giving me a story line to go off for the “Ultraviolence” aspect, but as well as incorporating more of the physical aspect of it – and reading it for me before I posted. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten this finished without her assistance.

Title credit: “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey


Where had things gone wrong?

That was the question you often asked yourself when lying awake at night, curled up beside your husband as he slept off the evening’s debauchery. The scent of alcohol permeating the air, the taste of your tears as they mingled in with the iron palate of your blood.

Things hadn’t always been the way they were now. There was a time where you two were happy together, completing each other’s pictures in perfect harmony. A time where bliss overcame any negativity in your life, where he was the one thing that made you feel safe, secure.

When did that change?

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