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request: @kayleedeangaga  “Could you write a James Patrick March smut, please? I love reading your Smuts! They are hot and goals!”

  • request: @jacqueline66613  “can you make a lesbian countess fanfic?”

    a/n: sorry I joined two requests, but I thought they’d fit nicely together. Thank you for requesting, lovelies. I hope you both enjoy this smut *winks*

    warnings: smut, BDSM related themes, kidnapping, and swearing. 

    word count: 1205

    “You know the tale of poor Little Red Riding-Hood, that the wolf deceived and devoured, with her cake, her little butter can, and her grandmother; well, the true story happened quite differently, as you are about to find out now, my dear. And first of all, the little girl was called (y/n).”

    You teared up behind the blindfold and made a failed attempt at shouting, for the handkerchief stuffed in your mouth had been doing quite an excellent job of muting your screams. That piercing, deep voice was unmistakable. James Patrick March.

    “The story begins something like the tale.” James started, his voice dark. He ran his fingertips over the skin of your legs. “There was once a little peasant girl, pretty and nice as a star in its season. Her real name was (y/n), and she was always wearing a black and white, fine-looking maid uniform. This little dress was given her by her master.”

    James stopped speaking once he felt your foot violently kicking him in the ribs, causing a snarl to slip from his throat as he grabbed your ankles, pinning them down to the mattress with just one hand. He used his free one to pull the white fabric out of your mouth, and you instantly coughed.

    “Are you looking for a spanking, little one? Is that what you want? I would opt to behave myself if I were in your situation, dearest.”

    “What the fuck am I doing here, Mr. March!?” You yelled and attempted to roll away, but since your hands were tied to the headboard, you could not manage to get too far without harming yourself. “Let me go, please! I won’t tell anyone, I promise…”

    He chuckled deeply and shook his head in disbelief, removing his hand from your ankles to grip your chin tightly. Even though you were blindfolded, you could feel he was close to you by the way you could feel his heavy breathing hitting the skin of your face.

    “My dear, tonight is my Queen’s birthday. And as a darling and caring husband, I must know how to satisfy and please my wife’s desires. I would bring her the moon if she requested me to.” You furrowed your eyebrows, slightly confused about why that would affect you.

    “And I wanted you, love.” You felt goosebumps forming all over your skin as you recognized the owner of that voice. Elizabeth, the so feared and intimidating Countess.

    You bit your lower lip, tugging at its flesh with your teeth. The sound of her voice, somehow, soothed and tranquilized you. Apparently, they did not mean to bring you harm. Though, you still wished they’d chosen a healthier, less sadistic approachment; instead of knocking you out with chloroform and tying you up.

    “I don’t understand…” You whispered. “If you wanted to have a menagé, why haven’t you just invited me?”

    “Oh, no no no, love. That is part of the fun.” As she finished her sentence, you felt James’ hand snaking up your naked body and stopping at your breasts. You whimpered when he squeezed them. “The initial shock will only be added to the pleasure. Plus, it is, a matter of fact, a divine sight,” James planted wet kissed on your neck, earning a surprised gasp from you. “having you all tied up on my bed, helpless and vulnerable. A toy, a pet, that I can use to satisfy my needs.”

    You could feel yourself getting wet at her sudden dominant tone, so you squeezed your thighs together in an attempt to get some friction, but only being stopped by James’ hands, that grabbed your knees and spread them apart so he could remain between them. You let out low, constant moans when he started to grind his crotch against your aching core.

    “Step aside, James. She is mine.” He groaned but didn’t disobey his queen. He blinked his eyes and pulled away after a while, leaving you cold and exposed on the bed. Before you had the urge to protest, The Countess was now the one between your legs. She reached out and slid her fingers between your dripping folds, smirking at the lurid sounds she’d managed to rip out of you. “I wonder how much you can take before melting in my hand, baby.”

    She shot James a dirty look, who was now sat in the armchair with his hand under his pants, palming his manhood in pure lust, to which he silently responded with a wicked smirk. He threw his head back, letting out low snarls and grunts.

    “Now, princess, what do you want mommy to do to you?” You flustered deeply at the name, whimpering in response. Elizabeth smirked a bit, running her tongue over her lower lip as she satisfied glanced down at you. “Do you want my lips pressed against that sweet little spot of yours, huh? The one I know that drives you crazy?”

    You gulped and nodded slightly in response.

    “Y-yes.” She slapped you across the face, then firmly gripped your chin.

    “Yes, what?” She whispered in your ear and nibbled at your earlobe.

    “Yes, mommy.” You rapidly corrected yourself and wrapped your legs around her waist, desperate for her touch.

    “Eager, aren’t we, little one?” Elizabeth chuckled and spread your legs open once again, suddenly burying her face between your thighs. She slid her tongue between your folds painfully slow, twirling it against the pleasurable spots. “It’s always the quiet ones that moan the loudest.”

    You threw your head back and dug your nails into the rope that was bounding your wrists together, moaning out her name. Probably, the entire floor was aware of the small indiscretion that was taking place in the master suite, for your pleads and begs for her were way too loud.

    “Fuck,” You cursed under your breath as The Countess started fucking your entrance with her tongue, she’d kept her thumb on your clit and was rubbing circles against it, firmly. It was like she was taking music out of your soul with the flick of her tongue, which sounded wilder with each passing second.

    “You taste so fucking good, baby girl.” She spoke against your wetness, her hot breath hit your sensible spot, causing your toes to curl and your (y/e/c) eyes to roll to the back of your head.

    With that, she plunged two fingers into you, roughly thrusting them in and out of you, in a heavenly perfect pace. Elizabeth wrapped her lips around your clit and sucked at it as she curled her slender fingers inside you, perfectly hitting your g-spot.

    It was almost as if her tongue had the gift of reading and you were her favorite book. She read all of the words vividly, carefully, enjoying every bit of you. You felt like someone was sliding ice cubs down your spine.

    “I will have to keep you, (y/n). You are addicting. Wouldn’t you like to know how much I crave you?”

    And like a profane confession, she fingered your orgasm out of you.

    “In other words, kitten,” Elizabeth continued. “I want you at my mercy.”

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