I was tagged by @bethboltn :DName: SaraNicknames: None. If you think of a nickname for Sara, let me…

I was tagged by @bethboltn 😀

Name: Sara
: None. If you think of a nickname for Sara, let me know 

Gender: Female
Star sign: Pisces
Height: 5′5″
Sexuality: Straight
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw <3
Favourite animal: I love deer and dogs 🙂
Average hours of sleep: 8 or 9 hours, rarely less
Dog or cat person: Dog 
blankets you sleep with: Well it is getting very cold. At the moment, 5. But that may increase when winter gets here.
Dream trip: I mean Austria of course <3 but also Amsterdam, again. 
Dream job: Something with animals, whether it be at a vet, a shelter, or a rescue.
When I made my blog: June 2017. 
Followers: Well I was at 370 a few days ago, but I lost some, so, 367 right now.
Why I made a tumblr: Well this is only a side blog…my main blog and the reason I made a tumblr was to post sims stuff. When I started posting some GoT stuff on my sims blog because I was rapidly becoming obsessed, I realized it was time to make a separate blog XD 
Reasons for my url: I wanted sansabolton originally, but it was taken. Sansa is my favorite character, I’m obsessed with Ramsay, and I ship Ramsay and Sansa, so sansabolton made sense. Since it was taken, though, I tacked ofwinterfell to the end, and I actually like sansaboltonofwinterfell better now 🙂

All my cool people have been tagged, so if you want to do it, go ahead. <3