ramsay bolton: taken care of


ANON REQUEST: Ramsay smut, reader lives in the woods and he goes out hunting she sees him at first she thinks he’s a animal so she shoots him with a arrow then she hears him swearing a lot so she tends to his wounds she makes soup and asks if he will stay the night so she can make sure he’s ok,then they have a talking moment and she catches him staring at her and then he leans in and kisses her and then smut.

The woods were extremely quiet except from the raindrops, and it feels like you are the only one alive. But a quick step on the some twigs, made your ears perked up. You inwardly sighed, thankful that are other animals. The rain has slowed down, and it had quieten down. It moved again, and you grabbed your arrow, ready to aim for the animal. You found a huge bark, and it moved again, you listened to it and you released an arrow. Satisfaction filled you, when you heard the animal fall.

It whimpered and you grinned, shoving your rabbit inside your purse. You walked happily, until it talked.


You walked slowly, peeking out to see what it was, until he heard you and he muttered some more. “Are you going to let me bleed to death?”

You approached him slowly and he winced again in pain. “It’s just your leg,” you scoffed. He began to mutter angrily, trying to grab the arrow out of his but you beat him to it. You ripped his top, tying it around his thigh. You looked at him, and he angrily stared at you. “Scream if you must.”

He rolled his eyes, “Scream?” He scoffed, and pushed you away. “Why would I- fucking!”

You wiped your arrow on his top and offered your hand. He muttered, holding his wound. He tried to push himself up, but he just failed multiple times. You offered your hand again, and he just spat at your feet. “Just take it,“you groaned. “It’s raining, it’s freezing cold, and you’re bleeding. Just bloody take my hand.”

He angrily looked at you once more, and he grabbed your hand. You pulled himself up, his weight on yours as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, while you wrapped yours around his waist. He limped away, and he would mutter some words through the journey, and you would glance at him often. He looked terrifying in the dark with his face half bloody, from when he smeared his hand on his face. His scruff was covering his jaw, and his hair was falling to his eyes as he walked. You groaned at his weight, and sometimes he would gripped your shoulders tight. You sighed, guiding him inside your tent, dropping him on your makeshift weight.

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