What are things that turn you on when Ramsay does them? Or what would turn you on if he did it?

Shit I mean just any time he talks, his voice is just 👌🏻

Whenever he is shown doing archery…mmm mmm mmm

Being naked, shirtless, and covered in blood is a given, yes even when he was about to die and covered in all that blood and nasty stuff it was hot as hell

Whenever he says loose in battle of the bastards, in general how fucking cocky he is that whole damn episode, right till the end

Any time he is with his dogs

When he is eating of course

When he gets all excited and happy or is teasing people and he gets that crazy look in his eyes

Oh fuck and peeling that apple with a smile on his face, shit I’m a goner

So I think that adds up to pretty much anything he fucking does 😂😂😂😂